Interested Contractors

Hi-Desert Water District has compiled an Interested Contractors List (PDF) for the installation of private property sewer lateral connections and abandonment of septic tanks.


Property owners that request financing through the District for their private property connection must use a contractor listed on the Interested Contractors List (PDF). The Interested Contractors List is not intended to guarantee the work of the contractor. All guarantees are directly between the property owner and the contractor.

If you have questions or require additional information, please email Ryan Hutchins or call 760-228-6279.

Contractor Connection Steps

  1. Hiring a Contractor (owner). If you choose not to hire a contractor from the interested contractor’s list, ensure that the person performing the work will be able to meet the necessary requirements.
  2. Building Permit: You can coordinate with your hired contractor to secure the plumbing permit. A plumbing permit is required to ensure all work meets local building and plumbing standards. Contact the Town of Yucca Valley, Building and Safety Division (Town) at 760-365-0099. The Town is located at the Monterey Business Center:
    58928 Business Center Drive
    Yucca Valley, CA 92284
  3. Locate Lateral: Locate the sewer lateral at the property line. Call DigAlert at 811.
  4. Trench: Trench from the sewer lateral to the location where the system will connect to your home.
  5. Installation: Install the sewer line from the sewer lateral to the connection on the home.
  6. Inspection: Make an appointment with the Hi-Desert Water District (District) and the Town of Yucca Valley (Town). Call the District at 760-469-9781 and the Town’s Building and Safety Division at 760-365-0099. Please keep a copy of the completed District and Town inspection forms.
  7. Fill Trench: Once the private lateral work is inspected and approved, fill the trench with suitable materials, in most cases existing dirt will be acceptable.
  8. Abandonment of Septic Tank: Contact the Town of Yucca Valley (Town), Building and Safety Division at 760-365-0099 regarding the abandonment of septic tank. Please make sure that all requirements with the Town are met. Please keep a copy of the required permit and inspection paperwork from the Town.
  9. Final Approval: Upon verification of satisfactory tank abandonment, the Town of Yucca Valley (Town) and the Building and Safety Division notifies the Hi-Desert Water District (District).