Construction Guide

Notices & Property Owner Information

The District has provided property owners with over three notifications with steps to be taken by the property owner to connect to the sewer:

  • First Notification - Property owners in a designated area received a six-month notice providing an overview of what's expected and how to begin preparing for their connection, including dates to connect, an Interested Contractor's List, step-by-step instructions, an application for funding, and important contact information.
  • Second Notification - Following the first notice, property owners received a second notice with more details about financing their private sewer connection to avail of the 30-year, 1.8% low-interest loan, including potential grant eligibility from the State Water Resources Control Board, which has now expired. Property owners have the option to apply for a 504 grant with the United States Department of Agriculture
    (USDA). For more information, please visit the USDA website.
  • Third and Final Notification - This notice was sent 30 days prior to the deadline, reminding property owners to connect in timely manner. This will be the final notice received by the property owner from the Hi-Desert Water District regarding connecting to the sewer system.

Locating Your Connection Point

Each location is marked in green at the property line. If a mark is not visible, do not call the District, but call Dig Alert at 811 to have your connection marked.

Use this interactive GIS map to find the approximate location of the septic tank and sewer stub-out. Just enter a property address or Assessor's Parcel Number in the search bar at the top-right of the map and zoom in to your property using the + sign icon. Each stub out is also marked by a metal rebar rod, which can be found using a metal detector.

Permitting & Inspections

  • Town of Yucca Valley - The Town of Yucca Valley issues permits and has a specific guideline as to how the connections will completed, as well as fees. View the town sewer permit information (PDF).
  • Hi-Desert Water District (HDWD) - HDWD Inspectors will also be conducting an overview of the connection. As part of the permitting process of the Town of Yucca Valley, the District will be providing an additional form that will be completed by the inspector and signed by either the contractor or property owner. The completed form will be required prior to finalizing the permit with the Town.

Schedule an inspection with Hi-Desert Water District by emailing customer service or call 760-365-8333.

Owner Responsibilities

Once connected, the owner of the property will be solely responsible for maintenance of the service line located on his or her property, as well as past the property line all the way to the mainline. HDWD is also not liable nor guarantees any of the work performed by the property owner or contractor hired by the property owner for installation of the private connection.

Sewer Connection Steps

Initial two-step process:

  • Step 1 - Hiring a Contractor
    Note: If you choose not to hire a contractor from the interested contractors list, ensure that the person performing the work will be able to meet the necessary requirements.
  • Step 2 - Building Permit
    A plumbing permit is required to ensure all work meets local building and plumbing standards. Contact the Town of Yucca Valley, Building and Safety Division (Town) at 760-365-0099. The Town is located at:
    Monterey Business Center
    58928 Business Center Drive
    Yucca Valley, CA 92284
    Note: You can coordinate with your hired contractor to secure the plumbing permit.