Commercial Building Funding Options

Expanded Use Loan Assessment

Property owners who are interested in financing their private connections can apply for a loan through the District. This loan is similar to the Assessment District loan, but will be for a term of over 30 years at a 1.8% interest rate.

How the Process Will Work

  • Property owners who request financing (e.g. expanded use loan) through the District for their private property connection must use a contractor listed on the Interested Contractors List. Please visit the District’s website for more details;
  • All necessary costs to restore the property to its original condition are paid by the State (e.g. septic abandonment, pipes and cleanouts, and all costs needed to restore the property to its original state). Before and after construction photos are required for State reimbursement if landscaping/hardscaping repairs are being submitted. Additional cosmetic work will not be paid by the State.
  • The Contractors are required to comply and certify that the American Iron and Steel requirements are met.

Davis-Bacon Rules

Commercial property owners are subject to prevailing wages (required to comply with Davis-Bacon rules). Please also note that If a commercial property is owned by a business or LLC or if the assets of a trust are controlled by a business, and as required in the U.S. Department of Labor letter dated May 8, 2015, then Davis Bacon/prevailing wages would apply.

Non-Profit Organization

A Non-profit organization that does not fall into the definition of commercial property owners may be grant eligible. See the document review process under the Expanded Use Loan Process for Commercial Property Owners.

If the contractor you hired is listed as part of the interested contractor’s list (PDF) from the Hi-Desert Water District (District) website, please follow the steps (prior to the contractors performing any construction work).

Required Documents

Please bring the following required documentation to the District:

  • Copy of at least two bids (detailed material and labor cost) from the interested contractor’s list
  • Evidence of ownership: Copy of deed or one of the following:
    • Property Tax Statement
    • Mortgage Statement
  • If the business is a non-profit, please bring the non-profit designation paperwork (501 C-3)
  • If required, the District will request more information

You can also send all the documents through our secured email by emailing funding. Then we can schedule you for an appointment to be at the District.

  • Document Review - Loan/Grant Eligibility: Our District staff will review all documents in item number 1. If you qualify for a loan, the District will issue a pre-approval loan letter.
  • Sewer Connection Steps: Please refer to the Sewer Connection Steps. In addition to Step 6 under the Sewer Connection Steps, the District will have you and your contractor complete an additional required form (private property connection inspection checklist) from the State.
  • After Completion please submit a completed copy of the State-approved private property connection inspection checklist (PDF), District inspection form, signed off permit from the Town and the final invoice to the District representative. Please note that these documents are needed to secure a loan/grant from the State Water Resources Control Board. After completion of the work, please come to the District’s office, together with the items in the above paragraph, to complete and sign the Contractual Assessment Agreement form. Please note that the loan is for 30 years at 1.8% interest. If you qualify for the grant, we will let you know about the grant amount once the State approves the payment request.

Please note that invoices should include all detailed labor and materials costs. If there is a line item in the invoice for “miscellaneous or other items”, it will not be accepted and paid by the State. Once the final invoice is submitted to the State, it may take up to 60 to 90 days to pay the contractor.

Financing & Grant Funding

  • Expanded Use Loan: Property owners applying for the Expanded Use Loan can apply for financing. Financing allows owners to finance installation costs, septic tank abandonment, and engineering for over 30 years at 1.8% through property taxes. 
  • Grant: Only non-profit owned properties may be eligible for a grant through the loan and state funding sources.