Commercial Properties

Fats, Oils and Grease Program

The Hi-Desert Water District’s Board of Directors adopted Resolution 19-38, a Fats, Oils and Grease Program, as mandated by the State of California.  This Program requires all commercial properties to apply for a FOG Wastewater Discharge Permit prior to the operation and discharge of FOG into the District’s wastewater collection system.  Failure to obtain a FOG permit can lead to enforcement actions, including civil penalties. 

FOG Permitting Process

  1. Application.  Your property will receive a letter as your notice to complete the FOG permit application.
  2. FOG System Evaluation.  District Staff will review your establishment’s application and determine if a FOG permit is needed.
  3. Payment. If it is deemed that your property requires a FOG permit you will be directed to pay the $135.00 application and inspection fee.
  4. Inspections. A representative from the District will visit your establishment to see how the FOG program is working.  As part of the inspection, training and oil collection logs (if required) will be checked along with a physical inspection of the facility.
  5. FOG Permit and Compliance. After passing the inspection, your establishment will receive a FOG wastewater discharge permit, which must be renewed every 12-months.

The District appreciates your participation in the FOG Program and in helping our Staff maintain a clean and reliable wastewater collection system.  If you have further questions regarding the FOG Program, or the FOG permitting process, please feel free to contact the District at (760) 469-9780.