Annual Reports

Pursuant to the Judgment in the case of Hi-Desert Water District vs. Yucca Water Company Ltd., Case Number 172103, San Bernardino, California, dated September 16, 1977, (Judgment) Hi-Desert Water District (HDWD) through its Board of Directors was appointed by the Court as Watermaster to administer the provisions of the Judgment.  Subsequently, on February 10, 1992, Judge Phillip Schaefer of the West District for the County of San Bernardino Superior Court ordered the Warren Valley Basin Watermaster to report to the Court on an annual basis the water levels in the basin and any matters that might impact the safe yield of the basin.  In December 1997, the Watermaster petitioned the Court to modify the 1992 Order to instead require that the Watermaster report to the Court annually on conditions affecting water supply, use and disposal, and to implement a groundwater monitoring program for basin management.  The Watermaster undertook this action because, in general, a safe yield determination is made for the purpose of allocating water resources among competing claims of right.  In this case, HDWD is solely responsible for purchasing supplemental water.  Securing supplemental supplies and monitoring water levels to insure that there is adequate water in storage to meet the demands of the basin is consistent with good water management practices and is a better use of available funds than preparing safe yield determinations.  

Annual reports are based on a water year (October 1 through September 30).  The Watermaster reports on precipitation, water demands, production, water deliveries, water levels and trends.  Information is obtained from various sources including records on file with Hi-Desert Water District, Mojave Water Agency, State Regional Water Quality Control Board, and Yucca Valley California Department of Forestry.  


 Annual Reports

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