Board of Directors

ABOUT YOUR BOARD                                                                                 

The Board of Directors consists of five members of the community, each elected by registered voters of the Hi-Desert Water District service area.  The role of the Board is to set policy and govern the District.

BOARD MEETINGS                                                                                    

The Board of Directors meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 5:30 p.m.

Meetings are held in the District Board Room at 55439 29 Palms Highway, Yucca Valley, and are open to the public.

By law, agendas for regular Board meetings are posted online and at the District 72 hours in advance; agendas for special Board meetings are posted online and at the District 24 hours in advance.                                                 

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For meeting information or other matters relating to the Board of Directors, contact the District Secretary at or call (760) 228-6267.

           Contact information:

           President Dan Munsey:

           Vice-President Roger Mayes:

           Director Sarann Graham:

           Director Sheldon Hough:

           Director Bob Stadum:



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Board members are required to file annual Statements of Economic Interest (Form 700).  The forms are filed with the San Bernardino County Clerk of the Board.  Copies are also maintained by the District Secretary. 

Gift to Public Agency Disclosure - FPPC Form 802
In accordance with the provisions set forth in Section 18944.1 of the Fair Political Practices Commission, please click here to view the District's policy and view Code Section 2.25 to access the agency's Ticket and Passes Distribution Policy.  Ticket disclosure forms (Form 802) are posted on this website within 30-days after distribution of tickets.

Currently, there are no disclosure forms to post.

Gift to Public Agency Disclosure - FPPC Form 801
The Fair Political Practices Commission requires that all state and local government agencies disclose payments to benefit an official of the agency.  Examples include travel and meals paid by vendors.  The payments must be used for official agency business and must meet other requirements that are set out inFPPC Regulation 18944.2, which is available on the FPPC website at or click here to search FPPC Forms.


Form 806 - 01/01/2018

Form 806 - 07/26/2017 Amended

Form 806 - 1/13/17

Form 806 - 1/13/16

Form 806 - 3/18/2015