Capital Replacement Program

The District is committed to performing continual maintenance within the distribution systems: water mains, water tanks, wells, pressure regulating system, booster stations, and equipment.

The Capital Replacement Program (CRP) was established in 1997 to have District personnel replace the District's aging pipeline.  Old steel lines, that are often undersized are replaced with larger pipes.  The benefit is better water quality, better fire flow protection, less leaks, and improved service reliability.  

The District prioritizes the capital replacement project according to need.  Currently, the District is developing a Capital Improvement Plan that will incorporate the remaining infrastructure that will need to be replaced.

Total as of November 2018:  718,054 linear feet since 1997.  Over 135 miles of pipe has been replaced. Approximately 225,000 linear feet need to be replaced.

2013/2014 Sec. 12 Hillcrest, Buena Vista.

2012/2013 Skyline Ranch; Acoma, Joshua Drive; Farrelo, Plaza Del Amigo.

2011/2012:  Yucca Mesa Art Miller Tract; Church, Taos, Navajo, Joshua Drive, Acoma, Highland.

2010/2011: Lower Storey Park (Palm to Grand, Taos to Joshua Drive); Yucca Mesa Art Miller Tract (Warren Vista, Surrey, Belmont, Canterbury)

2009/2010:  Sunnyslope and Pioneertown Road

The CRP crew has installed 16,100’ of pipe, 47 fire hydrants, 153 services.  Affected Areas - Replaced Main line and installed new services and fire hydrants on Lupine, Primrose, Yucca Tr., San Marino, Fortuna, Hermosa, Cortez, Del Monte, Piedmont, San Andreas, Santa Maria.  New fire hydrants and services were installed on Palomar and Joshua Lane. Malin Rd. between Paseo Los Ninos and Skyline Ranch Rd. 

Sante Fe 1400’ – Grand and Hwy. 2800’ - Camarilla 4600’ – Sun Oro 1350’ – Sun Mesa 2000’ – Sun Via 2000’ – Sun Flower 2580’ – Terra Vista 1400’ – Goleta 1360’ – Indio 2640’ (total 22,130 feet).

Pajara 2000’- Mesa Dr 5280’ – Lucerne Vista 2700’ – Condalia 2700’ – Valley Vista 2700’ – New Horizon 2000’ – Avalon 4000’ – Wilhart 2500’ – J Street 2300’ Avalon at Aberdeen 1600’ Upper Alta Loma including Grand, Amador, Ivanhoe, Hidden Gold, Kismet, Java, LaCadena and Sage Ct. 13000’ (total 40,780 feet).

San Andreas, Joshua Lane, Joshua Drive, Balsa, Emerson, Lisbon, Juarez, Hidden Gold, El Dorado, Frontera, Keats, San Vencente, Warren Vista, San Tropeze, Catalina, San Diego, Alaba, Rubidoux, Carlyle, Desert Gold, Bonanza, Anaconda (total 70,000 feet).

Anaconda, Bonanza, Carlyle, Desert Gold, El Dorado, Free Gold, Golden Bee, Grand, Amador, Cholla, Carmalita Circle (total 36,000 feet).

Rubidoux, La Habra, Hanford, Emerson, Balsa, Arcadia, Delano, Frontera, Alaba, Victoria, Chula Vista, Bonita, Warren Vista (total 20,000 feet).

Coyote Trail and Apache Trail, north of 29 Palms Hwy.-3,400 feet; Monticello Rd, Monticello Lane and Monticello Ct. south of Farrelo Road-2,250 feet; Country Club and Martinez, Fairway, Rockaway, Benecia, Pinion, Cardillo, San Remo, Camino Del Cielo, Prima Vera-17,000 feet; Balsa, Emerson, Hanford, La Habra, Rubidoux, Prescott, Lennox, Palisade, Sunnyslope, Alta Mesa, Yucca Trail-22,500 feet (Total 45,150 feet).

Jemez Trail and Highland Trail between Kickapoo Trail and Inca Trail - 1,500 feet; Inca Trail and Mariposa Trail and alley between Mariposa and Fox Trail between Yucca Trail and 29 Palms Hwy - 2,300 feet; Joshua Drive between Church St and Grand Ave - 2,400 feet; Little League Drive, Palm Ave and Grand Ave, north of 29 Palms Hwy - 3,400 feet; Barbarry Ave, Cassia Drive, Antelope Trail, Sage Ave. north of Highway 62; Yucca Trail between Palomar Ave and Indio Ave - 1,600 feet; Paseo Los Ninos and Palm Ave west of Old Woman Springs Road between Skyline Ranch Road and New Horizons Rd - 4,850 feet; Buena Vista Dr, Hilton Ct, and Sierra Ave between Warren Vista and Balsa Ave - 2,750 feet (Total 18,800 feet).

1999/2000 - West End of Yucca Valley
The area between Onaga, Highland, Kickapoo, and Acoma. Streets include Jemez, Shawnee, Inca, Mariposa, Hopi, Geronimo, Fox, Elk, Deer, Cherokee, Bannock, Navajo, and Mountain View (total 32,500 feet).

1998/1999 - Western Hills
Bandera and Concho Way - 2,500 feet; Paxton Road - 1,250 feet; Airway, Redbluff, Murrieta, Palo Alta, Imperial, Redondo, Buena Suerte, Farrelo, Mirlo, Castro and Avila - 17,000 feet; Sky Harbor San Andreas - 3,500 feet
West End of Yucca Valley Camino Del Cielo, La Vina, and Pinon - 2,100 feet (total 26,350 feet).

1997/1998 - On the Mesa
Julcrest, Scandia, Bellfair, and Breezy - 7,150 feet; Avalon, Canterbury, Del Mar, and Balsa - 19,635 feet; Drexel, Campanula, Indio and El Dorado - 6,500 feet (total 33,285 feet).