My Sewer Connection

Properties will connect to the new centralized sewer system by August 2019 after the treatment facility is constructed. The time-frame in which all Phase 1 developed properties will connect to the system is from August 2019 to June 2021. HDWD will be developing a step-by-step guide to assist property owners with this process, as well as provide notifications via email, mail and door hangers to prepare property owners for the connection process.


Your Property Connection Timeline

Phase 1 is broken into three areas or “Packages” A, C and D.  Each area will be initially contacted six months in advance of connection to the system. To find which area or “package” your property is located in click here to search for your property.

Installation Requirements

As the land-use authority, the Town of Yucca Valley will be issuing permits and performing inspections for each connection. Prior to beginning the connection process, please contact the Town of Yucca Valley’s building department at (760) 369-6579. A licensed engineer and contractor may be required to complete this process. To view the Town’s requirements for lateral connections and abandoning sewage systems click here.

Interested Contractors List

Please visit the Interested Contractors’ page for the Interested Contractors List and for more information about the process for the installation of private property sewer lateral connections and abandonment of septic tanks.