finance & accounting

The Finance & Accounting Department serves all financial related function of the District including accounting, investment management, accounts payable and financial reporting.


Audited Financial Statements 

Audited Financial Statements (CAFR) 2017/2018

Audited Financial Statements (CAFR) 2016/2017

Audited Financial Statements (CAFR) 2015/2016

Audited financial Statements (CAFR) 2014/2015

Audited financial Statements (CAFR) 2013/2014

Audited Financial Statements (CAFR) 2012/2013

Audited Financial Statements (CAFR) 2011/12

Audited Financial Statements (CAFR) 2010/11

Audited Financial Statements (CAFR) 2009/10

Audited Financial Statements (CAFR) 2008/09

Audited Financial Statements (CAFR) 2007/08


Budget 2018/2019        Wastewater Project Budget 2018/2019

Budget 2017/2018        Wastewater Project Budget 2017/2018

Budget 2016/2017

Budget 2014/2015

Budget 2013/2014        Wastewater Project Budget 2013/2014

Budget 2012/2013        Wastewater Project Budget 2012/2013

Budget 2011/2012     

Budget 2010/2011

Budget 2009/2010


Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting 2007/2008

Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting 2006/2007

Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting 2005/2006


Annual Disclosure of Board Member or Employee Reimbursement for Individual Charges Over $100 for Services or Products (Government Code 53065.5)




Special District Financial Transaction Report

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Improvement Corporation

The Improvement Corporation is a nonprofit public benefit corporation formed in 1980.  The specific and primary purposes for the Corporation is to provide financial assistance to the Hi-Desert Water District, by the acquisition, construction, improvement and development of certain facilities.

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