Connecting your Mobile Home Park (Only Phase 1 Properties)

What you’ll find below (scroll down):

  • Private Connection Construction

  • Your Property’s Timeline to Connect

  • Funding Options

  • Applications and Forms

  • District Requirements to Connect and Use the System

  • Frequently Asked Questions


Curious what your connection will look like?

Notices and Property Owner Information

The District will be providing property owners with a total of three (3) notifications. Within each notification, are steps to be taken by the property owner to help make a connection to the sewer successful.

  • First Notification - Property owners in a designated area will receive a six-month notice providing an overview of what’s expected and how to begin preparing for their connection, including dates to connect, an Interested Contractor’s List, step-by-step instructions, a pre application for funding, and important contact information.

  • Second Notification - Following the first notice, property owners will receive a packet with more details about financing their private connection or applying for a grant whichever is best suited based on the pre qualifying application submitted, as well as a reminder that their deadline to connect is approaching.

    If a property owner did not submit a pre-qualification application by the deadline or was deemed disqualified for financing or grants, the second notice will include details as to why the owner will no longer be eligible for funding.

  • Third and Final Notification - This notice will be sent out 30 days prior to the deadline, reminding property owners to connect in timely manner. This will be the final notice received by the property owner from the Hi-Desert Water District regarding connecting to the sewer system.

Locating your Connection Point

Each location is marked in green at the property line. If a mark is not visible, do not call the District, but call Dig Alert at 8-1-1 to have your connection marked.

Use this interactive GIS map to find the approximate location of the septic tank and sewer stub-out. Just enter a property address or Assessor's Parcel Number in the search bar at the top-right of the map and zoom in to your property using the + sign icon. Each stub out is also marked by a metal rebar rod, which can be found using a metal detector.

Permitting and Inspections

Town of Yucca Valley - The Town of Yucca Valley will be issuing permits and has a specific guideline as to how the connections will completed, as well as fees. To contact the Town of Yucca visit

Town sewer permit info can be accessed here:

Mobile Home Parks may need additional permitting from the County of San Bernardino.

Hi-Desert Water District - HDWD Inspectors will also be conducting an overview of the connection. As part of the permitting process of the Town of Yucca Valley or the County of San Bernardino, the District will be providing an additional form that will be completed by the inspector and signed by either the contractor or property owner. The completed form will be required prior to finalizing the permit with the Town.

To schedule an inspection with Hi-Desert Water District please contact customer service at or (760) 365-8333.

Owner Responsibilities

Once connected, the owner of the property will be solely responsible for maintenance of the service line located on his or her property, as well as past the property line all the way to the mainline. HDWD is also not liable nor guarantees any of the work performed by the property owner or contractor hired by the property owner for installation of the private connection.

Construction Guide

Various properties will have different timeframes to connect based on location. Below is a map of when each area will be connecting. Properties that connect outside of the deadline will be subject to daily fines. If properties continue to discharge from septic tanks past their connection deadline, the Regional Water Quality Control Board will be issuing a “cease and desist” notice to the property owner.

 Deadline to Connect

Funding Options

Expanded Use Loan Assessment - Property owners who are interested in financing their private connections can apply for a loan through the District. This loan is similar to the Assessment District loan, but will be for a term of over 30 years at a 1.8% interest rate.

How the process will work:

  1. An owner of a Phase 1 property will receive an estimate for the work to be completed (Two bids are recommended and it must be from a contractor on the Interested Contractor’s List).

  2. Property owners will then need to fill out and submit loan paperwork between the property owner and the District. An itemized estimate will need to be submitted with the loan documents to ensure the cost is reasonable and that all items are in compliance with the terms and conditions of the loan.

  3. Once the installation work is completed, property owners will need to finalize/execute their agreement at the District on the dates provided in the second notice. Please bring the following documents to complete the loan process :

    1. An itemized final invoice from the construction company listed on the Interested Contractor’s List;

    2. A valid drivers license or California issued ID;

    3. Final permit approving work completed;

    4. A recent mortgage statement or deed. All legal property owners listed for the property must be present to execute and notarize the final loan agreement;

    5. Final contractors invoice to be paid. The invoice must be in the format as the sample contractors invoice listed below, then it will be submitted to the State Revolving Fund. It may take up to 60 days to pay the contractor.

  4. The State Revolving Fund will notify the District as to what items were approved and then at which time, the District will contact the property owner to place a levy on the property for the cost of the connection.

  5. The District will then issue final payment to the contractor according to the levy being recorded, and the property owner will begin making payments through property taxes starting the 2020/2021 tax year.


Expanded Use Loan Grant: Mobile Home Parks and non-profit properties applying for the Expanded Use Loan, may be eligible to receive a grant that can be applied as a credit towards the amount they borrow for their private property connection. More details will be made available at the funding fair.

For funding assistance or questions about the loan, please contact Zac Frater at and (760) 228-6287.


  • Pre-Qualifying Application for Funding (submit via email:

  • Interested Contractors List

  • Connection Deadline Extension Request (coming soon)

  • Expanded Use Loan Agreement (coming soon)

  • Sample Contractors or Engineering Invoice of construction to be submitted to the District (coming soon)

  • Sample Contractors quote or Engineering bid form (coming soon)

District Requirements

A property owner must meet the following requirements prior to connecting to the system:

  • The property must have an accurately recorded shared cost of the Phase 1 Sewer Assessment levied on the property;

  • A property must only connect during the timeframe allowed by the District as reflected on the lateral connection map or fines will be imposed;

  • Owner must acknowledge that the he or she is responsible for maintaining the lateral line free and clear of debris, from the structure passed the property line, all the way to the main line;

  • Owner must obtain all required permits and inspections, and pay all fees associated with obtaining such documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be responsible for the installation of individual private property connections?

 Property owners will be responsible for the installation of the private property connection, which is the private connection from the home to the sewer pipe installed to the property line.  Once connected, the property owner will also be responsible for maintaining the sewer connection line past his or her property line to the mainline.


Will I have to connect my house to the sewer?

 All customers within the phase boundaries will be required to connect to the sewer system when it becomes available. Property owners will have the choice of hiring a contractor or performing the work themselves if they meet the Town of Yucca Valley’s Permit requirements. Each owner will also have a choice of paying for these costs out of pocket or through either a loan from the District and/or a grant. If you are interested in either funding option, a contractor must be selected from the District’s interested contractors list included with your first notice.


When will connections begin?

Within your notices you will find a timeframe of when your property can connect to the sewer.  Your property may not complete connection prior to the timeframe provided because sewer infrastructure may not be ready to receive sewage from your home . If property owners are found to have connected before the time given, the District may charge daily fines to the property owner.


How long will my sewer service be disconnected during this process?

In most cases, your current septic system would be left in service until the new connection is ready. It often takes only a single day to install a collection line that runs from a home or small business to the property line, including abandoning the septic system on-site, but you should confirm this timeline with your contractor as it may vary property to property.


What are the requirements of installing the private property connection?

 The Town of Yucca Valley’s Building Department is the land-use authority that will be issuing permits and inspecting the installation of the connection line and abandonment of the septic tank.  Along with the permit process with the Town, the property owner will also be required to complete connection paperwork with the Hi-Desert Water District.  To locate your connection point, call Dig Alert at 8-1-1.


The Town of Yucca Valley building department inspection hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Permit issuance is from 7:30 am to 9:00 am & 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm Monday thru Thursday.  You can contact the Building Department at (760) 365-0099 or visit its office located at 58928 Business Center Drive, Yucca Valley, California 92284.


What if I am unable to connect to the sewer within the timeframe provided?

Connecting to the sewer in a timely manner is essential to meeting the Regional Water Quality Control Board’s discharge prohibition requirements for your property, as well as to starting the new sewer system. An extension can be requested by filling out a form and submitting it to the District. If an extension is not granted, then the Regional Water Quality Control Board will be in contact with the property owner.


What if I cannot afford to pay for my private sewer connection?

 All Phase 1 property owners will have the opportunity to finance their private property connection cost through an Expanded Use Loan agreement with the District.  Similar to the Assessment District loan, the Expanded Use Loan would be placed as a levy on your property, which allows you to make payments towards your costs for over 30 years at a 1.8 percent interest rate. (The cost of hooking up to the sewer is an additional cost and not included in your sewer assessment, but this cost may be financed along with any other required administration fees.)


If you are 62 years of age or older, occupy your single-family residence and meet eligibility requirements you may be eligible to receive a 504 grant through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for up to $7,500.


How do I apply to finance my private property connection costs or get a grant?

 You will be receiving a second notification two months after receiving your first notice with more details about how to apply for a grant or a loan. But to get you started in the application process for funding, please complete and return the pre application attached with your first notice to the Hi-Desert Water District.


Can I install my own private property connection?

If applying for the State’s Expanded Use Loan to finance costs for the private property connection or for the USDA 504 Grant or other grants, property owners may not be eligible if unlicensed contractors or contractors outside of the Interested Contractors List are hired to complete the work. If you are not interested in grants or loans, the property owner may be able to install his or her own connection but would need to verify with the Town of Yucca Valley’s Building Department.

Where can I find an online form or more information about connecting to the sewer?

All of the forms and information related to connecting to the sewer is available 24/7 on the District’s website at


Are there other costs I will need to pay for besides the connection cost?

Yes. Once you connect, you will be responsible for paying the annual or monthly Operations and Maintenance Fee for using the sewer. Below are the estimated monthly Maintenance and Operation fees:Single Family Residences (EDU), Multi-Family Residences per unit (MFR), Mobile Homes per unit (MHP) (all billed annually on property taxes), Commercial contact the District (Billed monthly on water bill).