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The Wastewater Reclamation Project’s Phase 1 is composed of a collection system, which is broken into four construction packages, A through D, along with a Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Facility.  Hi-Desert Water District (HDWD) is currently in the process of seeking contractors, as well as subcontractors to construct these project components.

Soils and Materials Testing


The bidding process is closed.  The District awarded the contract to Earth Systems.

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           Reference Documents for the RFP:
           Phase Map
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Bid Documents Received:

Please submit all questions to General Manger, Ed Muzik at or call (760) 228-6269.

Phase 1: Collection System

Bid Information

Below is bid information for each identified package of the collection system.


Package B (Pump Stations):  The District anticipates releasing each Pump Station separately with Barron PS advertising on July 31, 2018 and Paxton PS advertising on August 14, 2018.  The District anticipates advertising for Kickapoo Pump Station in winter of 2019.

Barron Pump Station: The District anticipates awarding Package B2 Barron Pump Station to Sukut Construction, LLC, the lowest responsive, responsible Bidder on Monday, September 24, 2018.

Bid Documents Received:

Paxton Pump Station

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Package A: The prequalification and bid process is closed. The District has awarded Sukut Contractors to install Package A of the collection system.

Bid Documents Received:


Package C: The prequalification and bid process is closed. The District has awarded Sukut Contractors to install Package C of the collection system.

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Package D: The prequalification and bid process is closed. The District has awarded Sukut Contractors to install Package D of the collection system.

Bid Documents Received:


Please submit all questions via email to

Phase II and III: Collection System Design



























The Hi-Desert Water District (District) is requesting submission of statements of interest for the design of the collection system for Phase II and III of the Wastewater Treatment and Water Reclamation Project (Project).  The Project team is led by the District General Manager, engineering, legal, administrative staff, and Carollo Engineers, as the Owner’s Representative.  The District has completed a Sewer Master Plan, a Preliminary Value Engineering Study, the environmental review and a topographic survey for the project.  MWH prepared the Sewer Master Plan in 2009.  The Master Plan summarized planning criteria and flow projections, presented results of a hydraulic model, and discussed the proposal sewer collection system.  The complete Master Plan is available on the District’s website.  Atkins North America prepared a Preliminary Design Report and Cost Estimate, which will be available on the District’s website in September 2018.


The Phase II and III collection system project will be designed and constructed as a design, bid, and build project.  The anticipated scope of work is provided below.  This scope is not intended to be a complete list of the items needed for successful completion of the Project.


Task 1: Permitting

Task 2: Geotechnical Investigation

Task 3: Subsurface Utility Investigation

Task 4: Property and Right of Way Acquisition 

Task 5: Roadway Rehabilitation Analysis and Cost Sharing Negotiations

Task 6: Final Design and Cost Estimate

Task 7: Engineering Services during Advertisement for Construction


Technical questions regarding the project components and/or the requirements of this request for statement of interest shall be directed to Samantha Mena.  Questions regarding the District shall be directed to the General Manager of the Hi-Desert Water District.  Please submit a letter to Samantha Mena indicating interest in submitting an SOQ/RFP to be added to the email distribution list.  Statements of interest must be received by Thursday, September 20, 2018 by 5:00 PM PST.


Contact information is as follows:

                Samantha Mena

                55439 29 Palms Hwy

                Yucca Valley, CA 92284

                Phone: (760) 228-6272



Private Property Connections




Hi-Desert Water District is now accepting applications from contractors interested in completing septic-to-sewer conversions for private properties in Yucca Valley. Please visit the Interested Contractors webpage for more information.



Phase 1 Collection System: Lateral Connection Plan

Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation facility


Subcontractors interested in providing services for the construction of the Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Facility, please contact W.M. Lyles Co. Contractor at for more information.

NATIVE PLANT RELOCATION (Bid Open) - Closes 2:00 p.m. October 30, 2017

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