Reports / Plans

Urban Water Management Plan

This plan is developed every 5 years in partnership with Mojave Water Agency. It is a long-term resource plan to ensure an adequate water supply is available to meet future demands.

View the Urban Water Management Plan.

Water Quality Report

Hi-Desert Water District submits water quality testing results to the State to ensure that all current drinking water standards are met. These findings are submitted and reported through this annual report.

View the 2019 Water Quality Report (PDF).

View the 2018 Water Quality Report (PDF).

View the 2017 Water Quality Report (PDF).

Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requires that public agencies have a plan to mitigate natural hazard impact on its daily operations. This plan outlines what’s enacted in emergency operations.

View the 2016 Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (PDF).

Software Catalog

In compliance with Senate Bill 272 (SB272), 2016 Software Catalog (PDF) will provide a catalog of the "enterprise systems" used by Hi-Desert Water District. For additional information, email Hi-Desert Water District.

Mojave Water Agency Integrated Partnership

Find documents that are related to groundwater studies of the Warren Valley Basin and how it correlates to the Integrated Regional Water Management Plan.