Can I install my own private property connection?

If applying for the State’s Expanded Use Loan to finance costs for the private property connection, property owners may not be eligible if unlicensed contractors complete the work. Property owners must also check with the Town of Yucca Valley for its requirements.

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1. Who will be responsible for the installation of individual private property connections?
2. Will I have to connect my house to the sewer?
3. When will connections begin?
4. How long will my sewer service be disconnected during this process?
5. What are the requirements of installing the private property connection?
6. Can I install my own private property connection?
7. Can the cost of hooking up to the sewer be financed or must owners pay cash?
8. How do I apply to finance my private property connection costs or get a grant?
9. What if I am unable to connect to the sewer within the time frame provided?
10. What if I cannot afford to pay for my private sewer connection?
11. Where can I find an online form or more information about connecting to the sewer?
12. Are there other costs I will need to pay for besides the connection cost?