Are there other costs I will need to pay for besides the connection cost?

Yes. Once you connect, you will be responsible for paying the annual or monthly Operations and Maintenance Fee for using the sewer. Between the time you connect up until the following cut-off date of June 30th (the District will submit property tax information to the County by August), the fee will be temporarily charged on the water bill before it starts to be collected through property taxes.

The Estimated Monthly Maintenance & Operation Fees

  • Commercial contact the District (Billed monthly on water bill)
  • Mobile Homes per unit (MHP) (all billed annually on property taxes)
  • Multi-Family Residences per unit (MFR)
  • Single Family Residences (EDU)

Estimated Monthly Maintenance Fees

YearDollar Amount Per EDUDollar Amount Per MFRDollar Amount Per MHP

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12. Are there other costs I will need to pay for besides the connection cost?