The Operations Department is led by Tony Culver, the Assistant General Manager of Operations, and supported by one full-time Administrative Assistant. Water utility workers are required to obtain water distribution and treatment certifications depending on their job classification. 

Construction and Maintenance

Seven full-time employees, use specialized equipment to perform water system maintenance, valve maintenance, hydrant maintenance, new service installations, other capital improvement projects, fix leaks, etc. 

Capital Replacement

Seven full-time employees (including equipment operators, pipelayers, and laborers) replace aging pipelines, fix leaks, and work on other capital improvement projects. They primarily support the Capital Replacement Program funded by a fee on the water bill and grants.


Seven full-time employees operate and maintain pumps, wells, and tanks. Monitors and maintains water quality, performs backflow device inspections, submits state water quality reports, and produces the annual Consumer Confidence Report. Operates the Morongo Basin recharge sites. 

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Four employees work five days a week, with someone on call 24/7, to operate the wastewater treatment plant and treated water percolation ponds. 

Wastewater Collection Systems

Two full-time employees maintain the sewer collection system and lift stations and respond to emergency calls. One temporary full-time inspector to routine inspections and monitor the performance of the commercial restaurants that produce fats, oils, and grease (FOG).

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