Phase I Costs

Phase I was paid for through an assessment district, a Bureau of Reclamation grant and Measure Z sales tax revenue provided by the Town of Yucca Valley.  The total monthly cost for a single-family property that is connected to the system and receiving service is estimated to be about $100 per month, which includes the monthly fee and the assessment payment. The payments are collected on the annual property tax roll.

30-Year Phase I Assessment District 2014-1

Assessment District 2014-1 was passed by the voters and is the security mechanism for the repayment of the 30 year State Revolving Fund Loan.  Payments are collected on the annual tax roll. Starting in December 2018, property owner's received their property tax statements reflecting the installments. After the first full year's payment to the State Revolving Fund, a 25% to 30% discount will be applied for the following 10 years as part of the Town of Yucca Valley's Measure Z sales tax initiative.

View the Shared Project Cost table (PDF) for each property's shared cost to construct Phase 1 of the Sewer Project. Access a list of each property's assessment (PDF). To find your property's assessment, locate your property on the list by APN number (this number is listed on your property tax bill) or by address. To search for your property, download the document and open the PDF document.

Shared Project Cost Infographic2014-1 Assessment Engineer's Report

View the report (PDF).

Assessment Billing Amount for Tax Years 2022 / 2023 as reduced by the Town of Yucca Valley's Measure Z sales tax revenue

2022_23  Measure Z Discount Table (JPG)

Note that the final charges listed in the table do not include a $0.30 fee added by San Bernardino County. The $0.30 County charge is included on the property tax bill.

Search instructions

Select the date and download the PDF list of assessment amounts. For a PC, hold down the "Control" button and the "F" button and type in a property address or parcel number in the search bar. For an Apple, hold down the "Command" button and the "F" button. Tax rolls available are:

For more information about assessments, email Ryan Hutchins or call 760-228-6279.

Assessment Adjustments (Change of Use Properties)

Assessment District 2014-1 was formed in 2015 to finance each property's equitably shared cost of constructing the area's first centralized sewer system and Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Facility (the "Sewer Project"). The methodology used was based off a property's share benefit of the system and can be further explained in the Assessment District 2014-1 engineer's report. Since formation, there have been some change of use in water use data and property classifications, resulting in corrections and adjustments; therefore, an adjustment to each levy was required to reflect the change in benefit received from using the sewer system.

View the 2020 - 2021 Change of Use List (PDF).

View the 2021 - 2022 Change of Use List (PDF).

View the 2022 - 2023 Change of Use List (PDF).