General Manager Message to Customers

Dear Customer,

Hi-Desert Water District is committed to serving its customers with safe, reliable water for years to come. Those living in and visiting Yucca Valley can rest assured that we are doing what it takes to provide the community of Yucca Valley the water it needs to thrive in our precious desert. In order to do so it takes a team of qualified field staff, professional customer service staff, management with foresight and understanding of what it takes to make the necessary investments today for a future of safe and reliable water.

We serve over 24,000 residents and those visiting our beautiful community each day. This is a responsibility we at Hi-Desert Water District take to heart. We exceed the water quality requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Public Health. In addition, we are governed by a board with a balanced understanding of the needs of the community.


Hi-Desert Water District has had many successes. Our customers are some of the most water conservative in the State, and during times of drought we have become the model to other water districts. We have been recharging the groundwater supplies with water from the State Water Project through the Morongo Basin Pipeline since 1995. In 2006, the District added Site 3 which has proven to be a very productive recharge site. The community leaders of the time had the vision to make the Morongo Basin Pipeline a reality, which has made it possible to reverse the overdraft of groundwater in the Warren Basin.

It is my goal to take the water District into the new decade by strengthening the organization and completing the Wastewater Treatment and Water Reclamation Facility to protect our groundwater. In addition to that we are working to secure additional water rights for our customers. Our residents can be proud of the quality of employees at Hi-Desert Water District who are working hard to take the water district to the next level.

Ultimately, it is the support of our community that determines our success, because without it we could not do what is necessary for our future. I encourage you to contact us if you would like to learn more about our operation. It is my experience that the more our customers know about the water district, the more appreciation they have for the value of water in our community.


Paul Peschel